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give electro smog no chance!


Great days start with good health. Hi, we’re GENII.

Your new secret weapon against electric smog.

GENII® is an active device to increase your quality of life! GENII® a must-have for well- being with high-quality materials, exclusive designs and innovative technology inside.

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What`s the big deal with GENII improving my well-being?

With the innovative technology of GENII® you can effectively counteract the negative effects of electrosmog and daily exposures such as stress and improve the quality of sleep significantly.

1 GENII® = 3 programs: If you need more energy select the red program. For more balance and stability in everyday life choose the green program. For a better sleep, click through to the blue program.

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How GENII® works:

GENII® is my daily companion for 2 years and I feel fitter as well as have a more restful sleep since I am GENII. The innovative technology is exactly the support I need in hectic everyday life.

Mag. Nikolaus Grissmann, Grizzly Creative GmbH

The GENII® “SLEEP Standard” program has a relaxing effect and can support the wearer with its vibration design in stressful situations, deep relaxation and more restful sleep, thus promoting faster regeneration.

Mag. Barbara Haubmann, Energie Steiermark

I use GENII to regenerate faster and to optimize my sleep, which worked perfectly – that’s why I rely on GENII!

Mag. Hannes Zeichen, Schladming Innovations- und Entwicklungs GmbH.

I’ve been wearing GENII for two years and have seen tremendous improvements in recovery. As a top athlete, I can fully recommend the device and will always wear it on the way to the Olympiad.

Benjamin Karl, Professional Snowboarder

I’m always looking for innovation, GENII assists me to regenerate faster and bring more power every day!

Leo Hillinger, Star Winzer & Juror 2 Minuten 2 Millionen
Ich habe einen sehr fordernden Beruf und unregelmäßige Arbeitszeiten. GENII gibt mir mehr Energie im Alltag und fördert meine Konzentration.
Katja Lenz / Flugbegleiterin und Ernährungsberaterin
GENII fördert meine Regeneration, dadurch fühle ich mich ausgeglichener, entspannter und aktiver.
Hannes Zeichen / CEO & Ausdauersportler
GENII gibt mir extra Power nach der Arbeit für mein Workout, ich nutze es täglich.
Gerhard Richter / Marketing Manager
Ich brauche in meinem Beruf höchste Konzentration, trotz unregelmäßiger Arbeitszeiten, GENII hilft mir dabei.
Christian Lenz / Fluglotse
GENII habe ich immer mit dabei, es untertsützt mich am Tag und fördert meinen Schlaf in der Nacht.
Barbara Haubmann / Innovation Managerin
Ich bin begeistert & trage es seit 3 Jahren täglich – es steigert meine Regenerationsfähigkeit und fördert meinen Schlaf.
Manuel Larcher / Unternehmer


It is the natural frequency of the earth, so to say the “Heartbeat of the Earth”. At this the human organism is oriented since time immemorial. For humans, the Schumann frequency is vital. This is shown by studies of NASA. During the first space flights the astronauts got sick. The circadian rhythms (the internal clock) e.g. The wake-sleep rhythm, the daily routine of body temperature and the cortisone level in the blood are confused. The reason was that there is no Schumann frequency in space. To avoid this, they have been simulated technically. That’s what you do today. Otherwise, the astronauts could not survive in space.

GENII® pulsates in the biofrequency range and currently has no transmit, receive or Bluetooth function and may therefore be used during all flight phases.

Right here, the GENII® should be used! Generally it is recommended to avoid such sources. Due to their job, however, many people are exposed to extremely strong electromagnetic sources. For example, People who work in computer and control centers or constantly or much in substations, engine drivers in the locomotive, flight crew, etc.

GENII® stabilizes the biofield of humans, making them more resistant to geological and technical fault zones. GENII® is basically suitable for anyone who wants more power, less stress and more restful sleep and / or wants to protect themselves from premature aging and the negative influence of electrosmog.

Yes. The blue program of GENII® (Relaxing / Sleep) was specially developed for a more restful sleep. It can thus help people with Ein- and / or staying asleep. But be sure to remember that the blue program does not use while driving or other activities that require high concentration. For people with severe sleep problems, there is a dedicated GENII® designed specifically for sleep.

GENII® is splash-proof so please do not wear while bathing, showering or swimming.

GENII® can be worn for 24 hours and never needs to be removed or switched off. The effect of GENII® is the better the longer it is carried on the body, as the continuous release of the magnetic impulses restores the natural earth’s magnetic field and this should last as long as possible.

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