Is technology burning us out?

The number of cases of psychological illness – especially burn-out syndrome – have skyrocketed in the last two decades. Permanent stress is regarded as the cause of the condition, with burnout being one of the psychosomatic stress disorders. It is caused by increasing professional pressure – but not only that. Environmental factors such as the increasing radiation exposure through mobile phones and WiFi also have a major influence. Digital media in general – leaving aside the radiation associated with that – plays a major role in the increase of stress-related psychological illnesses. We become constantly available and yet increasingly isolated in the digital world. In addition, the feeling is conveyed that we can’t fit into society any longer without permanently being available and online.

There are now numerous studies that confirm that this chronic stress, which brings with it a lack of control over your own life, causes, among others, a weak immune system, hormonal disorders, digestive problems and numerous other physical complaints. Decisive for the health complaints is that stress changes or harms cells. In addition to the classic causes of burn-out syndrome, the increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation also plays a role. These radiations generate an overproduction of cell-damaging free radicals as well as highly reactive oxygen and nitrogen compounds, which in turn can damage DNA. In addition, electromagnetic radiations interfere with the mitochondria and thus our body’s energy production. This apparent relationship of stress triggers is confirmed in the research report Steigende Burn-out-Inzidenz durch technisch erzeugte magnetische und elektromagnetische Felder des Mobil- und Kommunikationsfunks. The research report proves that a new environmental factor, the technologically generated electromagnetic fields of mobile telephony, also leads to oxidative cell stress (Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke / Peter Hensinger M.A., 2013).

You have to bear in mind that our cells have been subject to years of ever-increasing radiation exposure since the end of the 1990s. This long-lasting contamination of our body with radiation is certainly not without consequences. In particular, psychological illnesses have increased in recent decades, especially burn-out and depression in adults and ADHD in children and adolescents. Generally, you can assume that exposure to electromagnetic radiation has a similarity to smoking – in that not everyone who smokes cigarettes suffers a health impairment, but there are people who have suffered lung cancer due to smoking.

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